Advertisements in the loo- Belive it or not


You are followed wherever you go! The other day I found a huge hoarding of a Known TV Channel showcasing their forthcoming movies on Air.Sounds fair enough , with so many channels doing rounds with every possible movies on Air, how else can they differentiate themselves.But the best part was , the same thing appeared in a Loo of a neighbourhood Mall .Belive it or not , I think the brain behind this idea has stuck the right place.One cannot escape from the channel- “whereever you go we follow you “.please spare me my private place shouted the comman human in me, but on the other hand the marketer in me deeply congratulated the brains behind it.Last but not the least,

I actually ended up watching movies on that channel.

Well I joined the tribe who happily increased the TRP’s for the channel!


Augmented Reality – The Moment of truth

Interactive newspaper!

The buzz is all around – Augmented reality is the next big wave in Marketing.

The basics first:

Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real-world with a simulated one.( Content source:

Increasingly , Marketers have started using AR for their Advertisements.Some amazing examples are

At the 2008 LA Auto Show, Nissan unveiled the concept vehicle Cube and presented visitors with a brochure which, when held against a webcam, showed alternate versions of the vehicle

In 2010 Walt Disney used mobile AR to connect a movie experience to outdoor advertising.

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide
Augmented Reality iPhone App that blends real world places with direction & interaction. It mixes a great balance of promotion, real live application and useful features into one branded iPhone app.

GE: The Smart Grid
Augmented Reality Example that featured on the front cover of Popular Science magazine in early 2009

WikiTude 4.0
A mobile based Augmented Reality Example that allows you to overlay many dynamic content sources into an augmented reality view through your phones camera video. It’s a great real world application where you can automatically display information based on what your pointing at.

Rayban Virtual Mirror
Augmented Reality Example that allows you to try on the entire range of Rayban glasses from your very own computer. Again, it works in some facial recognition where you map key points of your face, the app then utilises these as the directional markers to track the glasses nicely against your face!

and so on.

Ever wondered if you have to go to a retail clothing store and check yourself on a kiosk wearing different outfits, without actually trying it in the dressing room! Soon to be released I guess.

What if , you would find the celebrity in the newspaper Ad actually speak over your Android/ Smartphone while you are reading your morning paper.

The next tide in Marketing is here .Plethora of opportunities for the marketers to make the customer interact with the product .

You may actually experiance your homestay in your new home even before you have bought the place.AR will drive you in your dream car and in your dream home with just a brochure abd a smart phone.Phew..What an augmented reality!

Marketers-Combine the best Media  and  make the customers experience near to reality! You may end up winning the Cannes award for that!

Do share in your  thoughts .

Email marketing -know the terms

Email Marketing is one of the most used Marketing tool to reach out to the prospective customers. You have been designing Email campaigns, sending mass mailers , hey but wait a minute-are you aware of the Language and the jargons.Read through and armour yourself with the terms and speak the language of Email Campaigns .

Abandonment:Refers to an email, a Website, or an online shopping cart. Abandonment involves the customer responding by clicking through an email, navigating through a Website, adding contents to their shopping cart and leaving without finalizing the conversion.

Above the Fold :The part of the email message or Web page that is viewable without requiring the user to scroll.

Analytics: A technology that analyzes the performance of a Web site, online marketing campaign, or offline marketing campaign. Analytics often reviews not only the metrics associated with the campaign, but the user metrics as well.

AOV (average order value) :The average order value is determined by calculating the number of orders versus the total sales generated.

Authentification :An automated response that verifies an email senders address.

Autoresponder :An automated email message response capability traditionally launched by triggers, like subscribes, unsubscribes, abandonment, or conversion.

Block: A refusal from an ISP or email server to send your email.

Call to action.:The link or body copy in an email message directing the customer to the action. Actions may include click, download, submit, or purchase.

Click-Through Rate: The number of clicks in an email versus the number of emails sent. Includes multiple clicks by a unique recipient.

Conversion Path :The influence and experiences that lead to a conversion. A path can include multiple touches in both online and offline marketing.

Conversions: An email recipient performs the desired action based on an email received. A conversion can be defined as a lead, a sale, or a download.

Cost-Per-Acquisition :An email marketing ROI model in which a return is based solely on the qualifying actions such as sales or registrations. The actions are then measured against the associated costs.

Double Opt-In: Process by which a customer receives, via email, a confirmation of their opt-in request. The recipient must complete the necessary designated steps prior to receiving the email. Considered a best practice.

ECOA Email Change of Address.:A service that tracks email address changes and updates.Header Routing and program data at the start of an email message, including the sender’s name and email address, originating email server IP address, recipient IP address and any transfers in the process.

List fatigue :A condition where your list has diminishing returns due to frequency of sends or too many of the same offers, in too short a period of time.

List Management :Mailing list set up, administration, and maintenance. Can include processing subscribes, unsubscribes, bounce management, and list hygiene.

Open Rate :The percentage of html recipients who open your email. Opt-In: A specific request by an individual email recipient to have their own email address placed on a mailing list.

Opt-Out :Similar to unsubscribe, it is when a customer chooses to be taken off a mailing list.

Preferences :Options a user can set to determine receipt of messages (html or text), messages they want to receive, frequency of messages, or specific content they would like to receive.

Preview pane: A preview window used by certain email clients to provide a view of the message prior to it being opened.

Relationship email :An action message such as a purchase, complaint, service agreement, or warranty information. Generally not covered by Can-Spam requirements. Sometimes referred to as transactional messages.

Re-mail :Re-sending a message to those who didn’t open your original message, changing the subject line to better attract their attention.

Retention: The ability to prevent a customer from unsubscribing or opting-out by sending relevant, timely messages. Can also refer to the sales cycle.

Soft Bounce :Email returned due to a temporary error, such as an overloaded system or a user over their email storage quota. These messages are typically re-tried several times.

Thank-you page: Dedicated page that is displayed after someone completes a transaction or survey. May include a receipt.

Welcome Email: A message sent to a customer to inform them of their addition to a list and what to expect from future emails.

Win-Back :The process of targeting customers that haven’t purchased within a designated timeframe, and sending them offers that entice them to purchase again.

Happy Emails !Happy Customers !

Kano Model for Sales Negotiations

Kano model is one of the widely used models for Product development , QFD and Customer satisfaction.

Definition : The Kano model is a theory of product development and customer satisfaction developed in the 80s by Professor Noriaki Kano which classifies customer preferences into five categories:

  • Attractive
  • One-Dimensional
  • Must-Be
  • Indifferent
  • Reverse

These categories have been translated into English using various different names (delighters/exciters, satisfiers, dissatisfiers, etc.), but all refer to the original articles written by Kano.

Attractive Quality These attributes provide satisfaction when achieved fully, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. These are attributes that are not normally expected, For example, a thermometer on a package of milk showing the temperature of the milk. Since these types of attributes of quality unexpectedly delight customers, they are often unspoken.

One-dimensional Quality These attributes result in satisfaction when fulfilled and dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. These are attributes that are spoken of and ones which companies compete for. An example of this would be a milk package that is said to have ten percent more milk for the same price will result in customer satisfaction, but if it only contains six percent then the customer will feel misled and it will lead to dissatisfaction.

Must-be Quality These attributes are taken for granted when fulfilled but result in dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. An example of this would be package of milk that leaks. Customers are dissatisfied when the package leaks, but when it does not leak the result is not increased customer satisfaction. Since customers expect these attributes and view them as basic, then it is unlikely that they are going to tell the company about them when asked about quality attributes.

Indifferent Quality These attributes refer to aspects that are neither good nor bad, and they do not result in either customer satisfaction or customer dissatisfaction.

Reverse Quality These attributes refer to a high degree of achievement resulting in dissatisfaction and to the fact that not all customers are alike. For example, some customers prefer high-tech products, while others prefer the basic model of a product and will be dissatisfied if a product has too many extra features.( source of content : Wikipedia)

Kano model can be applied to Sales negotiations :

Kano Evaluation

Now consider the above Kano evaluation table.

Before sitting on the negotiation table infront of the customer :

1. Quickly jot down  all possible offers that can go with the product

Eg: Car accessories, cash discount, extended service warranty, replacement warranty, free AMC’s etc.

2. Analyze your customers requirements based on the above Kano analysis table and segregate the offers accordingly

Eg: A customer may be delighted by free AMC’s and thinks it as must have .So offer him the same.

3. Bundle your final price based on analysis which you derived from the model.

Now isnt that simple and effective means to articulate your  offers to the customer.

Well,  its all about customers delight and what delights the customer makes your sale!

Go ! Win that order!

Disclaimer : This is purely my thoughts .Kano model is widely used in the industry for Product development and QFD functions.I have tried to extend this brilliant model to Sales and Marketing.Experts can comment on the viability of the same.

Smart Display at retail outlet

I  coudn’t   come back without taking a snap of the well done display at a retail outlet.

The colours used there and the whole set up of Christmas set  all was very attractive.Sure the brand in the picture must have gathered quite some sales .Good job by the creative team .

Hypercity Retail-Bangalore : Ganesha Display

Hypercity Retail at Kundalahalli, Bangalore had this interesting display of Ganesh  on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi.

I must say, it caught attention of every footfall there in the mall.This particular retail has been showcasing the products very innovatively.The space utilization is very intelligently done to capture every shopper’s requirements.

They also have an  impressive list of items ranging from groceries to cosmetics to furnishings etc -name it and you get it.

Do pay a visit and check what welcomes you.I have see umbrellas hanging everywhere the last time I visited it.Do share your experiences as well.

Happy rainy shopping!

The all new CCD lounge

Had been to CCD lounge and must say not very much impressed with the interiors and the furniture.

The earlier image is so strong in my mind that the new look is not settling down in my mind.Perhaps, all Red and cozy chairs was more inviting than the new set up.

But yes, the Menu looks new and nice.They have introduced new beverages and pastries.

The price is also hiked and overall, not a pleasant experiance to hang around anymore.